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Patterns Patch - Scarlet

Hi, A Very Warm Welcome To Patterns Patch.

I’m Scarlet and, together with my fellow writers, John and Janis, have created and built Patterns Patch Cross Stitch Website. We’re an inspiring, friendly and upbeat website where you can explore the wonderful world of cross stitch … and, again, we wish you a warm patterns patch welcome!

We’ve lots to show and tell you, so why not dive in and see what you will find!

Who is Patterns Patch For?

We see our Patterns Patch site as very much a magazine style website concentrating on all aspects of cross stitch. So, in the main there should be something of interest for all stitchers.

This is especially true if you seek to improve your stitching knowledge. We want all our visitors and members to find tons of interesting stuff to read and enjoy.

An Ongoing Work In Progress

We see Patterns Patch as a constant Work-In-Progress (WIP). So you’ll be able to see changes frequently – and generally on this page first. You’ll occasionally come across a page only half finished; a real WIP that we’re still researching.

We’ve started by creating three pillars: Home, Blog, and Online Store. With each pillar further subdivided, where appropriate, into categories as follows:


  • News:  We regularly scan the various media sources on Cross Stitch to get ideas on what’s trending. From these trends, we create or bring articles which we believe you will find interesting.
  • Ideas: Active stitchers dwell a lot on their own stitching and here we’ll share some of our personal thoughts. This is often in response to our experiences or questions we’ve received or seen in cross-stitch forums.
  • Cross Stitch Patterns: All stitchers know that ‘patterns’ are the life blood of our noble craft. We don’t know of any cross stitcher who doesn’t relish the challenge of finding that next great, exciting pattern they cannot wait to start stitching. We include a variety of ideas and challenges to get you thinking.
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Note: Should you get lost when navigating your way through Pattern Patch, you can return to the start of the site by clicking on the ‘Home’ button.


  • How-To: Being gentle and curious people cross stitchers can be shy about asking for help. Our ‘How To’ section addresses common stitch-related problems with short, sharp, easy-to-follow, no-fluff articles, with nothing left out.
  • Tutorials: Our tutorials are usually a little longer and take on  a more general or broader role when explaining a cross stitching problem. Here, we will give you the ‘why’ in addition to the ‘how’, together with what comes next.
  • Tools & Supplies: Although cross stitchers need relatively few dedicated tools, we keep you informed of any new and updated tools, supplies, and accessories coming onto the needlework market that will enhance your stitching experience.
  • Reviews: From time-to-time we come across a really useful product or service for cross stitchers. Following in-depth research and testing of the product/service, we produce for you a detailed report highlighting its good and bad points.


  • Products: Here at Patterns Patch we have our own growing list of cross stitch books and reports; each written by one of our in-house cross stitch experts. We have taken subjects and topics dear to stitcher’s hearts and provide clear, step-by-step, in-depth instructions to make your stitching as error-free and enjoyable as possible.
  • Affiliate Offers: Here we seek good quality cross stitch related offers from 3rd party companies (such as DMC) and offer them to you.
  • Specials:  Occasionally, we bundle some of our own products and offer them to you at a discount. Occasionally, these bundles will be a mixture of our own and third party products.
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What We “try to” Write about

On our Patterns Patch site, we share with you insider information, unusual facts, and shortcuts to better stitching. We also include a series of topical themes, returning to them regularly, so you will always have a favorite topic to look forward to. These include:

Cross Stitch From Around the World

You can learn about different cultures all over the world by following our theme that will visit wide ranging cultures worldwide.

Time to Cross Stitch

I shall remind you of important dates and celebrations worldwide throughout the year. What better way to celebrate than to cross stitch a design of your favorite celebratory day…

Creative You

This series examines creativity. How to be creative, or harness your creative skills to make beautiful cross stitch projects. I used to think that I was uncreative.

Now I know that with a bit of encouragement, we all can surprise ourselves with our achievements. I’ll share some secrets of creativity, and you can add some of your ideas too.

Cross Stitch is Good for You

This theme explains how cross stitch can help you through difficult times, improve self esteem, help you to relax, convalesce, overcome any bad habits and make new friends…

Cross Stitch Dimensions

Have you explored a new design theme recently? Fantasy, Myths and Magic, Astrology, Celtic Art, Samplers, Quick-Stitch, Cross Stitch Gifts. We’ll be visiting those projects, and many more…

Be warned though, all our regular writers tend to suddenly get an idea and dive down the nearest rabbit hole with it, usually getting way off topic.

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Among these at Patterns Patch, there will be news, reviews and some surprise entries that we will generate in response to your suggestions and comments.

You will also learn new stitching techniques from both your fellow members and ourselves…

Again, we wish you a warm patterns patch welcome, and  hope you will find this an uplifting community where we all have stitching fun together.

Happy Stitching!

ScarletIn the UK

About the author: Hi, I’m Scarlet and have been an avid cross stitcher all my life. I’m a busy Mom with two young children, and am a contributor and editor on Patterns Patch.

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