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Free Cross Stitch Patterns Let You Try Before You Buy

free cross stitch patterns

One of the most frustrating parts of learning a new craft can be the cost of getting all the materials. Free cross stitch patterns help you keep the costs down before you find out whether or not you enjoy cross stitching. This keeps the amount of hard-earned cash you have to shell out to a minimum.

I don’t know about you, but I love to find something for free, especially when it is something I haven’t tried before. Cross stitch patterns can be found free in several different areas, so save yourself some money and check out these ideas for cross stitch charts for free.

Where to look for free cross stitch patterns

One great place to start your hunt for patterns is your local library. It is usually very easy to find instruction books for needle-crafts, like cross stitch, on the shelves of the craft section in non-fiction.

One other fun thing about the library as a source for free or very cheap cross stitch patterns is it is easy to find some “retro” fashions that are back in style again. You can cross stitch embellishments on your clothes and be right in fashion with the retro trend.

free cross stitch pattern

Easy Cross Stitch Pattern Suitable For A Beginner.

You can easily learn the definitions of some common terms in older cross stitch books. You can find easy to follow drawings and examples to help you learn the basic stitches and also some unusual stitches like the Spider Web Rose Stitch or the Algerian Eye.

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Other places to look for free patterns

Don’t pass up older instruction books, because if you take the trouble, you’ll find they are filled with information well worth your reading time.

Don’t forget to look at magazines to find free patterns. Both the library and the magazine section of your grocery store or discount store are likely to carry craft magazines and many are filled with free cross-stitch charts.

Even the newest magazines are available at the library and you can usually copy a cross stitch pattern for just a nickel or so.

Another great place to explore is a major craft store like JoAnn or Hobby Lobby. Find the section that carries the cross stitch accessories and then look for areas that may have free cross stitch patterns available. You can often find them at the cashier’s area.

Craft stores host a lot of teaching classes as well and they are often free demos for potential customers. These demonstrators will usually have a free sample available for you to practice. These samplers are often quite cute!

While you are there, don’t forget to stock up on your supplies of threads, hoops, needles and any other goodies you need for your project.

The Internet is best for free cross stitch patterns

There is little doubt, however, that the best place to look for cross stitch patterns (especially the freebies) is the internet. Just search “free cross stitch patterns” and you will find more than enough patterns that will cause you to fall further in love with our fascinating craft.

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An online store that carries a good range of cross stitch charts is The Spruce Crafts. Why not start your online search there and see where it takes you.

Even if you start your search with no idea of what you want, you can find free cross stitch patterns on the internet with just about any subject you like. A popular theme is wedding cross stitch and all the variations that go with it. Similarly, there is a vast number of religious and spiritual free patterns available, which are equally popular.

If you’re a newbie to cross stitch and just getting started, here’s a short five minute video showing how to stitch your first few ‘X’s:

Final thoughts…

When looking to try out a new hobby, a primary concern for many newbies is, “What’s it going to cost for me to find out whether I like it or not?“.  There is always a little excitement when you start a new craft project, but who wants to spend money for the patterns?

You can enjoy your cross stitch hobby even more when you find really attractive cross stitch patterns FREE.

Many people love to cross stitch and you might love it too! Check out your library, your local discount and craft stores and the internet. When you find your cross stitch pattern for free, you can use the extra money to get your supplies for your next new project. Free cross stitch patterns are everywhere — now go get looking!

If you already cross stitch, please tell us about it, we’d love to hear from you as to the experiences you’ve had. I answer all emails received, so if you’ve any stories, comments or questions – please feel free to send them this way.

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’til next time – believe in yourself.


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