Wedding Cross Stitch: Great Ideas For That Special Occasion

wedding cross stitch

When it comes to finding a unique gift for a bride and groom, wedding cross stitch patterns will give you ideas that make for a gift that’s a unique and wonderful choice. They serve as a beautiful reminder of this most important day in a couple’s life.

Also known as marriage patterns, these works of art provide a family heirloom for the couple to pass down to their children and future generations. The theme from the marriage pattern can also be used for anniversary presents, creating a collection of cross stitch art for the couple to add to over the years.

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Feeling Jaded? Here Are Some Great New Cross Stitch Ideas.

cross stitch ideas

Are you looking to try something new for your next cross stitch project, but  undecided on exactly what. Or, perhaps you’re in a bit of a stitching rut? After all, it’s usually easier to stick with what is familiar. Every now and again though, it’s great to broaden our stitching horizons and try something new! In this article we’ll give you a few new cross stitch ideas and get you to look at things a little differently.

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Cross Stitch Fun: 5 Ways To Increase Your Cross Stitch Pleasure

cross stitch fun

It’s easy to get into a stitching rut. I know how easy it is to keep to the same sorts of designs, safe in the knowledge that it’s the easiest route to getting good results. I’ve started stretching myself a little more, over the past few months, and I am surprised to discover just how much better a stitcher I am for my efforts AND how much more cross stitch fun I’m having.

If I can do it, so can you. I am not a patient person, and I am certainly no natural expert. Here are five strategies for improvement I have learned. I wish someone had told me about them when I first started cross stitch.

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Cross Stitch Birth Sampler: Make It Unique, Give it Love!

cross stitch birth sampler

For cross stitch enthusiasts all over the world, well designed patterns and kits are their favorite way in which they can create a beautifully made cross stitch birth sampler, card, wall hanging, pillow and so forth.

However, as many of us use our cross stitching in order to create gifts for our loved ones, we can sometimes be at a loss as we look for ways in which to provide them with unique pieces which are personal to them.

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Free Cross Stitch Patterns Let You Try Before You Buy

free cross stitch patterns

One of the most frustrating parts of learning a new craft can be the cost of getting all the materials. Free cross stitch patterns help you keep the costs down before you find out whether or not you enjoy cross stitching. This keeps the amount of hard-earned cash you have to shell out to a minimum.

I don’t know about you, but I love to find something for free, especially when it is something I haven’t tried before. Cross stitch patterns can be found free in several different areas, so save yourself some money and check out these ideas for cross stitch charts for free.

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Native American Cross Stitch – A Great Heritage YOU Can Be Proud Of!

native american cross stitch

Native American Cross Stitch: A Great Heritage YOU Can Be Proud Of!

The Native American people are proud of their heritage and of their ways. They have endured many tragedies throughout history, but they have stood strong and not turned their backs on those that went before. It is because of their strength and heritage that many companies have designed Native American cross stitch charts to honor these indigenous people.

You can stitch many striking native american images, especially of warriors and wolves, in fine detail as a cross stitch pattern…

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Starting Cross Stitch? 10 Good Reasons Why You Should Give it a Try!

starting cross stitch

Are you considering starting cross stitch? There are numerous reasons why people take up our wonderful, beguiling, blue-collar craft of cross stitch. We’re giving you ten good reasons to give cross stitch a try and have listed them for you below. So, please continue reading then perhaps browse online before paying a visit to your local craft shop. You can start your cross stitching career as soon as – today!

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Cross Stitch Threads! Six Exciting Alternatives to DMC and Anchor

cross stitch threads
cross stitch floss image
A Collection of Beautiful Silk Threads.

Many cross stitchers start out happily using thread made by two of the best-known manufacturers: Anchor and DMC. And continue to do so throughout their stitching careers. While these two companies produce high quality threads, so do other notable manufacturers of cross stitch threads, and all are well worth your consideration.

Below is a list of six alternative cross stitch thread manufacturers, all of whom produce unusual and versatile threads:

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