Cross Stitch Journal: Enjoy the Pleasure of Owning A Good One

You love cross stitch and spend a lot of time working on your projects. A wonderful way to remember what you’ve created is to write a small journal entry for each one you have completed. These cross stitch journal entries also make a very nice addition when you give your framed cross stitch projects to family and friends. They provide a source of information on the project.

The advantages of keeping a cross stitch journal

cross stitch journal
Keep a detailed record of every cross stitch project you stitch brings you joy.

Create a lasting diary of your needle art projects. Perfect for keeping a record of your stitching projects, as well as the fabric and threads used, for whom it was stitched, how it was finished and other details which are of real interest to you.

Imagine at some time in the future sitting quietly reading the entries you’ve made in your cross stitch journal.

You’re going back in time and being taken back to what was happening  in your life at that time, both highs and lows. Such wonderful nostalgic memories are an absolute treat when recalled in later years.

Your own perpetual cross stitch records

Record all the important information about the beautiful stitchery projects that you complete. You put so many hours into each lovely picture you create, make sure to record the history.

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You’ll be so glad you did, when in years to come you’re enjoying your masterpiece hanging on your wall. A quick glance at your journal entry will help you recall all the fine detail from that period in your life as well as everything you poured into your project.

What to include in your cross stitch journal

What you include in the entry is up to you, it’s entirely your choice. Some stitchers create notebooks with loose-leaf pages and plastic sleeves. They use the sleeves to hold a copy of the charts and shopping lists used, plus photos of the finished piece.

They also include a write-up about their experiences creating the project. The notes recorded will trigger those forgotten memories of the highs and lows in your life at that time.

cross stitch journal
A digital eBook to record your cross stitching career.

Also, you’ll probably want to record:

  • Why you chose a particular pattern. 
  • What it was that inspired you to choose that particular design.
  • How long did it take you to stitch and what supplies did you use (floss and cloth).
  • Did you personalize the design of the pattern?
  • What changes did you make and why?
  • Did you keep it or give it away?
  • If given as a gift, who received it and why?
  • Finally, you could mention anything special that happened in your life while you were working on this project.

A variation on this is to create a memento for projects you are giving to family and friends. For instance, if you cross stitch a project for someone who is expecting, you can write a note about all the dreams you have for the baby.

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Later in life, the child not only will have the wonderful cross stitch project to treasure, but also the note from you.

An alternative view of a cross stitch journal

Here’s an interesting 8-minute video we found on YouTube presenting Christine Elle’s view on recording your cross stitch projects with her home-made fabric journal (Note that there’s no sound on the video):

I hope you enjoyed this short video and got some useful ideas from it.

Final thoughts

The Cross Stitch Journal enables you to record every detail for every project you’ve cross stitched, such as pattern, designer, time spent and floss and cloth used, including, if you wish, the costs of each supply.

Enjoy your cross stitch journal, treat it like a close friend and it will reward you with the joy of countless recalled pleasures for many years to come.

If you don’t already have your own cross stitch journal, but would like to start one, you can do so by clicking the link: free cross stitch journal. Make sure you know where the downloaded file is stored on your device.

If you have previously kept a cross stitch journal, do please tell us about it. We’d love to hear from you as to the experiences you had and any tips you’d like to pass on.

I answer all emails received, so if you’ve any stories, comments or questions – please feel free to send them this way.

’til next time – believe in yourself.


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