Christmas Cross Stitch Projects: Plan Them Early For Great Success!

christmas cross stitch projects

It might well be the middle of summer when you read this, but you know there is just so much to do in the lead up to the festive season that it’s never too early in the year to start stitching our Christmas cross stitch projects.

OK! So it’s month’s away but in no time you’ll be thinking, “Christmas is almost here Christmas is almost here!”. For many stitchers, there will be the thrill of giving cross stitched cards and gifts to those who are special in our lives.

For others, there will be the feeling of disappointment and resignation – not having completed that project in time for Christmas, with several seasonal cross stitch projects  left unfinished..

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Magnolia Cross Stitch: Five Years and Five Continents, Completed at Last – Majestic!

magnolia cross stitch image

“Never again,” I said to myself over and over. I must have been out of my mind when I chose Majestic Magnolia cross stitch, a gorgeous design I simply couldn’t resist. It didn’t matter to me that I was still a beginner and I had never stitched on linen. I thought I could tackle any project.

Today, it’s my crowning achievement, one that would take five long years and several trips around the globe to complete.

magnolia cross stitch image
Beautiful, complicated, and determined never to be left behind!

The chart is barely legible anymore; faded, with coffee stains and who-knows-what-else. I saved it anyway.

The magnolia with its creamy white blooms and dark lustrous leaves is a statement of cross stitch beauty, even prettier that I originally imagined it.

But, what a love-hate relationship we’ve had.

“Never again,” I repeated, too many times to count. This project wreaked havoc with my emotions, from tears of frustration and disappointment, to an incredible sense of pride and joy in the finished piece.

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Can Mental Health Issues Be Improved By Cross Stitch?

mental health issues

Why Mental Health Problems Are a Growing Concern For All of Society

Okay, so besides the normal day to day hustle and immense stress of daily living in this modern digital age, we now have a pandemic to contend with. And the uncertainty surrounding us just makes it so much harder to deal with. So it’s little wonder that so many people have mental health issues; although often unaware of this.

Unfortunately, dealing with these mental health concerns has become somewhat of a normal part of life for too many individuals. Although this problem is not necessarily a new phenomenon, it is a growing one. It’s also clear there are certain aspects of modern living that have served to exacerbate the issue.

Due to our digitally-dominated world being so connected through the internet, social- , and other forms of -media, people today are not only exposed to the mental health issues in their immediate environment…

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Delightful Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking Patterns Bring You Joy!

cross stitch christmas stocking

With Halloween now over for cross stitchers, and thanksgiving just around the corner, your holiday fun begins with the excitement of the vast range of needlework projects for a Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking. 

He’s known by a different name in almost every country he visits. But no matter what Santa Claus goes by, his arrival is eagerly anticipated by children all over the world…

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Cross Stitch Journal: Enjoy the Pleasure of Owning A Good One

cross stitch journal

You love cross stitch and spend a lot of time working on your projects. A wonderful way to remember what you’ve created is to write a small journal entry for each one you have completed. These cross stitch journal entries also make a very nice addition when you give your framed cross stitch projects to family and friends. They provide a source of information on the project.

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Patterns Patch Welcome Message…

Patterns Patch - Scarlet

Hi, A Very Warm Welcome To Patterns Patch.

I’m Scarlet and, together with my fellow writers, John and Janis, have created and built Patterns Patch Cross Stitch Website. We’re an inspiring, friendly and upbeat website where you can explore the wonderful world of cross stitch … and, again, we wish you a warm patterns patch welcome!

We’ve lots to show and tell you, so why not dive in and see what you will find!

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Why It’s SO Important To Take Care of Your Eyes When Stitching

beautiful eyes

Today, I visited Karen, a friend of mine who has recently suffered from sight loss. One of the first things she said to me was, “Whatever else you do Scarlet, take good care of your eyes! I didn’t …”.

Fortunately, she can still see strong colors and shapes, and she uses this ability to continue her cross stitching. Instead of using traditional patterns and equipment, she now uses Binca, a fabric that has a low hole-count, and also can be felt easily with your fingers as well as seen.

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