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best threads for cross stitch

What’s The Best Cross Stitch Thread Brand?

Finding the best products for you can be a challenge, so we’ve covered the best cross stitch needle brands and the best aida brands in the past. However there was always one topic we tended to stay away from, yet it was always the most requested. The best cross stitch thread brand.   We supplied … Read more

Heart Full of Gratitude

Heart Full Of Gratitude

Well, it’s been a long time again, hasn’t it? I feel very out of touch with you all after spending most of the past three weeks caring for my mom and helping her get stronger. But, today, I have one word for my life and that is grateful–I am truly filled with gratitude. Just two … Read more

cat cross stitch pattern

Free Mini Cat Cross Stitch pattern

Here is the latest free Mini Cat cross stitch pattern, three designs in one including the alphabet for you to change the words if you wish. EDITED 24 MAY 2020 I added another little pattern… The post Free Mini Cat Cross Stitch pattern appeared first on Happiness Is Cross Stitching. Continue Reading

gold plated needles

Why You Should Try Gold Plated Needles

We like needles here, and as a result its probably no surprise that we’ve come across gold plated needles before. In fact, we even mentioned them in our post about choosing the perfect cross stitch needle for you. However, a lot of people are skeptical of gold plated needles. There’s a good reason for this; … Read more