cross stitch specialty threads

Specialty Threads: Tips for Cross Stitch Success

Introducing specialty threads for stitching

As we all try to make an extra effort to add shimmer and style to our special occasion stitching projects, there are many challenges that may arise. We know how great specialty threads are – and what they can add to the finished results of our sparkling projects. Metallic or rayon/viscose threads can make the difference between a good project and an extra-special one.

However, these threads can be difficult to work with, and it can be tempting to lose patience with them when they tangle, break, fray and do not lie flat on the fabric as other cotton or silk-based threads do. Let’s see what we can do to make life a little easier…

Colorful specialty threads
Beautiful hotchpotch of specialty threads.

Understanding the common types of specialty thread, and their makeup helps us understand their frailties and how best to use them for stitching.
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