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Cross Stitch Accessories: Nice To Have Or Essential?

Cross stitch is one of the simplest forms of needlework, but can still be daunting to an inexperienced stitcher. Perhaps you are now becoming familiar with the basic concepts of stitching. Maybe you have even done a couple of projects and are starting to feel comfortable with the basic supplies of threads and fabric. Not all Cross Stitch accessories are viewed the same by stitchers. An example of this is a needle threader. Some might consider this as a nice-to-have tool but not essential. Other stitchers would be lost without this vital aid. It’s very much horses for courses with these items.

Having said all that, there are still a number of cross stitch accessories that all dedicated stitchers might want to use. We’ll take a look at several of these that we believe most stitchers need to keep amongst their stitching stash.
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