Lighted Magnifying Glasses Are Ideal For Cross Stitchers

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Some time ago my wife started suffering from headaches. Initially mild, they were getting a little worse and tended to come on in the evenings, usually when she was stitching. We felt that the failing light at the end of the day was the most likely cause since in addition to the headaches she also had sore, itchy eyes. As a result of this I searched for a solution on the Internet and came across these modern lighted magnifying glasses for stitchers.

They act like a pair of spectacles with illumination and magnifying lenses built-in. This allows you to not only see in the dark but also see painfully small items as well. We bought a pair to see if they would cure, or at least improve, her eye strain.

What Are They Like?

My wife says they are comfortable to wear and easy-to-use being very light in weight (about 3½ – 4oz with a lens fitted). There are five interchangeable, scratch resistant, magnifying lenses and two built in high quality LED lights. This gives you a degree of choice

The arms on the glasses are easily interchangeable with an elasticated headband; very handy if you already wear glasses. Also, for those who wear glasses, the magnifying lens can either be detached or flipped up out of the way.

The angles of both the lights and the lenses are adjustable so you can shine the light exactly where you need it. Same with the lenses, which you can also adjust to point at precisely where you need them.

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There is soft, non-slip padding for your forehead, nose pads and the arms. The item comes with three AAA batteries, which seem to last a long time. We both use these glasses for several hours daily and we’re still on the original batteries.

Have you used them anywhere else?

My personal experience with these glasses began one evening when suddenly the light on my Kindle eBook reader stopped working. I borrowed these glasses and quickly adjusted them. They worked perfectly, enabling me to continue reading.

They are both unobtrusive and comfortable to wear at the same time, so I bought a second pair for myself. I haven’t needed to replace my Kindle as a result of these lighted magnifying glasses doing such a good job. So they’ve saved me quite a lot of money, which is great.

To give you an alternative review of these lit magnifiers, here’s a 6-minute video we found on YouTube:

Do you recommend them?

Yes, we do. Thanks to their magnifying and lighting properties, these lighted glasses will work pretty well anywhere. For anybody who needs a good light and a bit of magnification, these glasses will definitely make the task easier to do.

All needleworkers, those engaged in ‘fine’ or close work, and the elderly will find these glasses a really great tool. Additionally, those involved in computer maintenance and repair, detailed paintings, and jewelry design will also find these versatile, inexpensive glasses a real boon.

If you’ve had any experience of using these Yoktosun magnifiers or any other lit glasses, I’d love to hear from you. I answer all emails received, so if you’ve any stories, comments, or questions – please feel free to send them to me (

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