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Cross Stitch Threads! Six Exciting Alternatives to DMC and Anchor

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A Collection of Beautiful Silk Threads.

Many cross stitchers start out happily using thread made by two of the best-known manufacturers: Anchor and DMC. And continue to do so throughout their stitching careers. While these two companies produce high quality threads, so do other notable manufacturers of cross stitch threads, and all are well worth your consideration.

Below is a list of six alternative cross stitch thread manufacturers, all of whom produce unusual and versatile threads:

* CARON Collection of cross stitch threads

CARON Collection produces nylon, silk, wool-silk, and metallic threads. They have several product lines, many of which are hand-dyed. They even make a fuzzy thread that can help you simulate fur or hair in your projects. On their website, you will find a helpful usage chart, along with color charts and a thread weight equivalent chart.

Website: http://www.caron-net.com/threads.html

* The Gentle Art – cross stitch floss

The Gentle Art company produces hand overdyed threads that have an aged appearance and draw from the colors of nature. Their Sampler Threads are available in over 80 colors. Their Simply Shaker threads are available in over 50 colors. You can order their threads from their website.

Website: http://www.thegentleart.com/ga/home.ASP

* Kreinik crossstitch threads

Kreinik is a family-owned business started over 30 years ago. Craft stores around the world carry Kreinik products. Kreinik offers a beautiful selection of silk and metallic threads. They recently introduced a new line, Gourmet Threads, which features colors that emulate nature.

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Website: https://www.kreinik.com

* Madeira crossstitch floss

Madeira has been in business for over 80 years and has divisions around the world. The Madeira website gives you detailed information about their range of products. Be aware though that some of the threads on the site are not suitable for cross stitch designs. The best place to buy Madeira thread is at your local craft store or from an online store.

Madeira’s products have grown in popularity during the past few years as they become more widely known. If you’re a DMC enthusiast and are up for a challenging change, you’ll find many conversion charts online that will enable you to convert from say DMC to Madeira by giving you the new quantities of floss you’ll need to obtain.

Despite producing many excellent threads, the company is best known for their metallic threads that work exceptionally well in cross stitch. In addition, their Glissengloss line consists of many unique threads that can really add sparkle to your projects.

Website: http://www.madeira.com

* Thread Gatherer crossstitch threads

Founded as recently as 1991, Thread Gatherer sells hand-dyed threads. Their threads comprise silk, linen, and silk and wool blends. Their website contains stitching tips, photos of their products, and inventory lists. Like many manufacturers, they do not sell their products online, but they will help you find a store near you that carries their threads.

Website: https://threadgatherer.com

* Weeks Dye Works crosstitch floss

Weeks Dye Works was started as a small family business and now produces 587 combinations of colors and fibers. They make a really good six-strand, overdyed cross stitch cotton thread. Their website contains catalogs of their products, a list of designers, and a list of retailers where you can find their threads.

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Website: http://www.weeksdyeworks.com

OK! That completes the list of an additional six cross stitch thread manufacturers (and their websites) who, in addition to DMC and Anchor, produce a wide range of stitching threads.

Not all their threads, however, are suitable for cross stitch, so do check carefully before making any purchases. Having said that you’ll find many high-quality threads that will help you to personalize and extend your cross stitch projects. You can approach any of these six alternative thread manufacturers with queries about their products. They all have friendly staff and will do their best to help you.

Let me leave you with this final thought: there’s a tendency for materials from lesser-known manufacturers to be either cheaper or better quality (mainly because they have to try harder).

Whatever, decision you take, I’d love to hear from you as to why you’ve made the choice you have. I answer all emails received, so if you’ve any stories, comments or questions about cross stitch threads – please feel free to send them this way.

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’til next time – believe in yourself.


About the author: Hi, I’m John, founder, editor and one of the contributors on this site.

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