Your Own Cross Stitch Journal

All serious cross stitchers should keep a complete record of their stitching career. So, if you don’t already have a cross stitch journal … you can download one below!

 This is a digital eJournal which you can maintain personally or share with a stitching friend or family member.

Never again forget why you stitched a particular project.

You can record the following… 
Which materials and supplies did you use?
Who did you stitch it for?
How long did it take to stitch?
Was anything significant happening in your life at the time?
… and anything else meaningful to you!

Those cross stitchers who keep a journal tell us the delightful pleasures
they enjoy every time they read back through it. Memories
come flooding back associated with every entry.

Build your own personal diary of ever-lasting happy memories and an
heirloom to one day pass on to that special someone. 

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