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Patterns Patch Insiders Club

As of March 2022, we are still continuing to restructure and rebuild Patterns Patch. During this building stage, visitors can show their interest by signing up to our Patterns Patch Insiders Club (for Free)

When we reach a certain size, we’ll close the Insiders club and switch to a paid membership site, offering two different paid levels of membership (Gold & Silver).

At that time:

  • the majority of content (articles and cross stitch patterns) will be available to members only.
  • All active members of the Insiders club will be grandfathered across to the membership club and will form a third (Bronze) free level of membership.  

What this means for active Insiders Club members is they’ll continue to have free access to the articles and patterns they currently enjoy.

This is a thank you from us for those of you taking early action and supporting Patterns Patch.

What Benefits Do Patterns Patch Insiders Get?

What it means to you is you’ll always get most of our cross stitch stuff for free. 

And whenever we introduce a new product (book, report or pattern), You, as an Insider, will either get it for free or be offered it at a substantial discount.

So, if you would like to become a Patterns Patch Insider, you can sign up below:

We will NEVER spam you. You can unsubscribe with one click whenever you wish.

If you require any clarity here, please email support@patternspatch.com
or use the ‘Contact Us’ form in the footer below.