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Lighted Magnifying Glasses For Stitchers – A Patterns Patch Review

A Patterns Patch Review  Some time ago my wife started suffering from headaches. Initially mild, they were getting a little worse and tended to come on in the evenings, usually when she was stitching. We felt that the failing light at the end of the day was the most likely cause since in addition to the […]

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Starting Cross Stitch? Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Give it a Try!

    Are you considering starting cross stitch? There are  numerous reasons why people take up the beguiling, blue-collar craft of cross stitch. We’re giving you ten good reasons to give cross stitch a try and have listed them for you below. So, please continue reading then pay a visit to your local craft shop […]

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Cross Stitch Threads! Some Exciting Alternatives to DMC and Anchor

Many stitchers start out happily using thread made by two of the best-known manufacturers: Anchor and DMC. And continue to do throughout their stitching careers. While these two companies produce high quality threads, so do other notable manufacturers of cross stitch threads, and all are well worth your consideration. Below is a list of six […]

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Framing Cross Stitch – How Can I Do it Myself?

You can of course take your recently completed cross stitch piece to a professional for framing; many stitchers do. Perhaps that’s what you too have done in the past, and are perfectly happy with the results. On the other hand, you may have done the framing of your own cross stitch pieces in the past, with […]

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Welcome to the Patterns Patch Blog

Hi, I’m Scarlet and, together with my fellow writers, John and Janis, have created an inspiring, friendly and upbeat website where you can explore cross stitch and learn new techniques from both your fellow members and ourselves.  We share with you insider information, unusual facts, and shortcuts to better stitching. We also include a series […]

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