Delightful Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking Patterns Bring You Joy!

With Halloween now over for cross stitchers, and thanksgiving just around the corner, your holiday fun begins with the excitement of the vast range of needlework projects for a Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking. 

He’s known by a different name in almost every country he visits. But no matter what Santa Claus goes by, his arrival is eagerly anticipated by children all over the world…

Similarly, there are many different versions of the Santa Claus counted cross stitch themes available – from the tradition Saint Nicholas and Sinterklaas to the current North Pole versions. Santa Claus counted cross stitch projects also make great Christmas gifts in framed pieces, pillows, ornaments stockings, toys and other home décor.

The growth of Christmas stocking pattern choices

With Christmas cross stitch items being so popular, all of the major counted cross stitch pattern vendors offer something new in the Christmas Stocking theme every year.

These include: Leisure Arts who offer a number downloadable Christmas books featuring patterns and ornaments; including Santa Claus patterns.

They also offer other holiday-themed pattern books, including Retro Christmas, Christmas Greetings and several others.

Dimensions have got in on the act with this short (2 minutes) interesting video showing the stitching of one of their Santa Claus cross stitch patterns:

Additionally, it has become commonplace for Santa Claus counted cross stitch patterns to be paired with other strong Christmas themes. Including topics such as: Holiday quotes, wreaths and garlands, and reindeer.

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Other popular Christmas themed counted cross stitch are scenes from the Nutcracker, which go ever so well with Santa Claus counted cross stitch since they use the same color palette.

Another theme in Christmas cross stitch are patterns that combine themes from many different traditions. Santa Claus patterns with nativity scenes have become popular as have fusion patterns that include Jewish menorahs and Kwanzaa Kinaras.

Multi-culturism has broadened the scope of traditional Christmas cross stitch patterns

Modern society has more multi-cultural families, which naturally leads to the celebration of multiple traditions at the same time. There are many families that celebrate Christmas and more earthly winter solstice themes.

Waiting for Santa Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking patterns have long been among the most favorite items for stitching at this time of the year.

These items make great gifts and also become family keepsakes. You can also personalize Christmas cross stitch stockings by adding the name of those receiving the gifts.

Don’t forget about the 12 Days of Christmas counted cross stitch patterns you can find as well. Snowflake cross stitch patterns and free cross stitch snowflakes are very popular and can combine Snowmen and Santa Claus images as part of the snowflake cross stitch patterns.

Have you considered a Christmas Stocking Cross Stitch kit?

Is there a person on your Christmas gift list who has shown an interest in cross stitching in the past? If so, you might consider a small stamped cross stitch kit to get them started – just a thought!

Waiting for Santa Cross stitch Christmas Stockings and Christmas cross stitch patterns in general, most often come in kits with the stocking, pattern and all the yarn needed together in one package. In addition to other Christmas craft projects, Bucilla stocks many different Santa Claus craft kits. Most are Christmas stockings, but they also offer tree skirts and ornaments.

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Bucilla products combine counted cross stitch and other products, such as felt appliqué and linen crewel. Bucilla products are popular because they have a distinctive holiday look and they also come as complete kits.

Santa Claus cross stitch patterns continue to be popular items available in many different formats. To name just a few, stockings, ornaments, table skirts, framed items and many more. These are great starter crafts where you begin with your family and then pass them on eventually as keepsakes.

It’s not just young boys and girls who will enjoy a Waiting for Santa Claus Christmas cross stitch stocking. You can feel like a small child again when you discover the vast range of Christmas snowflake cross stitch patterns.

The 12 days of Christmas and so many more spectacular Christmas cross stitch themes are available right now. These become so life like when you complete them you will think Santa Claus is right there beside you!

You are never too old to be waiting for Santa. A cross stitch Christmas stocking will put you in the festive mood. So, go and enjoy some Christmas cross stitching holiday fun.

Happy Stitching

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