Feeling Jaded? Here Are Some Great New Cross Stitch Ideas.

Are you looking to try something new for your next cross stitch project, but  undecided on exactly what. Or, perhaps you’re in a bit of a stitching rut? After all, it’s usually easier to stick with what is familiar. Every now and again though, it’s great to broaden our stitching horizons and try something new! In this article we’ll give you a few new cross stitch ideas and get you to look at things a little differently.

Ideas for enhancing your cross stitch creativity

Here are a few ideas to get your creativity flowing:

1. Rather than keep to framed pictures, why not try stitching coasters, bookmarks, bell-pulls, trinket pots, pencil cases, handbag mirror-backs etc. There’s a huge range of products available.

2. Experiment with new colors when you select your fabric. Try stitching single colored designs onto bright, vibrant fabrics for high-impact results.

alternative cross stitch ideas
Proud to hang on any wall!

3. Learn some new stitches. These can enhance your designs – and the process of learning need not be difficult. Start off by stitching a traditional band sampler to improve your stitching repertoire.

At right, I found this brilliant cross stitch sampler on the boredpanda website. There’s a link to their site and (if you visit the site) a terrific article down below.

4. Join a stitching club. By doing so, you’ll meet new friends and also learn and share your ideas for stitching. There may not be a club near you so why not join an online cross stitch club or forum or a FaceBook stitchers group?

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5. Try some new types of thread. Metallics, blending filaments, satin threads and light effects are just a few of the many unusual threads that you can buy. Each has its own special characteristic that can add a new look to your projects.

Have you considered cross stitching with beads?

6. Instead of confining yourself to using seed beads as embellishments, be a bit more adventurous. Triangular beads and bugle beads can add to new dimension to your work – and buttons and charms can add even more to get a magical three dimensional effect.

You could try stitching a beautiful peyote bracelet. Bugle beads are cheap and readily available and were instrumental in re-kindling Janis Applegate’s enthusiasm when she was feeling stale.

7. Stitch onto a different fabric. Swap aida for evenweave or linen. Try using waste canvas (soluble) in order to stitch designs onto clothing. You can change that dull t-shirt into a wonderful evening top with just a few hours’ work.

Soluble waste canvas is an amazing product. It allows you to cross stitch on any fabric from bedding to clothing using this special canvas as a grid. Once the stitching is complete, simply wash away the canvas – leaving a wonderful cross-stitched design.


If you’re looking for further cross stitch ideas, why not be inspired by this short (4 mins), lively, popular video we found on YouTube:

Did you enjoy that? Did it give you any ideas? I do hope so. However…

… If you still cannot find some inspiration from any of the above, and are up for something that’s funny, whacky, saucy and definitely different, check out: boredpanda (if you’re easily offended, perhaps give it a miss).

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In my own case, it was waste canvas that gave me my mojo back. I used it to personalize clothing for my family by stitching small patterns onto their pants and tops. They loved the uniqueness it gave them (especially the kids) and I even got a few orders from other parents, which was a bonus.

The takeaway from this article is: Inspiration is all around you, So, take a step back, have a coffee and look at your world with fresh eyes. Cross stitch ideas are everywhere!

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I hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. I’d love to hear from you with any tips or ideas of your own on how you got back on track when your cross stitch enthusiasm waned. I always reply to all comments.

Happy Stitching!

Scarlet, In the UK.

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