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cross stitch christmas stocking

With Halloween now over for cross stitchers, and thanksgiving just around the corner, your holiday fun begins with the excitement of the vast range of needlework projects for a Cross Stitch Christmas Stocking. 

He’s known by a different name in almost every country he visits. But no matter what Santa Claus goes by, his arrival is eagerly anticipated by children all over the world…

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peyote beaded bracelet

A very old and traditional stitching technique is that of either creating a pattern by fastening beads to fabric by stitching or simply weaving tiny beads together. Peyote stitch patterns have been around for a very long time.

The Egyptians created burial garments using these patterns over 4,000 years ago!

The practice of creating patterns using this ancient technique got its name from the American Plains Indians who created beaded items for their ceremonial prayer meetings.

The peyote stitch is a creative combination of the older African traditions and Native American traditions with current crafting trends to create an original and unique stitch.

The versatility peyote stitch patterns provide make the peyote stitch an excellent choice for variety and interest in many different craft projects including jewelry, accessories, apparel and even small framed pieces used when decorating.

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framing cross stitch

Do you usually take your latest completed piece to a professional for framing cross stitch? You’re certainly not alone since many stitchers do. Perhaps that’s what you too have done in the past, and are perfectly happy with the results.

On the other hand, you may have done your own cross stitch framing and have been less than happy with the results. Or you may simply feel it’s time to try and do it yourself…

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cross stitch hoops

Using cross stitch hoops (or frames) when you embroider is often considered to be essential. I have a small collection of hoops of different sizes, and every now and again I use them.

My largest hoop is too big to place among my general stitching stash, so it sits on a shelf, like a huge halo. I know that stitching experts are divided as to whether or not we should use hoops – so here are the reasons for and against…

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cross stitch stash

Frequently, I see articles in Cross Stitch magazines about the importance of storing your cross stitch stash well, in order to be tidier and better organized. These articles usually recommend spending a small fortune on craft tote bags, storage solutions and attractive craft boxes. Now, while these are wonderful objects to own, they are not necessarily exactly what you – as an individual – need.

We all have our personal preferences for storing our stitching items. And, of course, many of us are naturally untidy too … leaving projects scattered around the home, and possibly gathering dust. So, let’s take a look at how we can become better organized…

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religious cross stitch patterns

Religion is undoubtedly a major influence across the world and many cross stitchers will have considered stitching a piece that symbolizes their own faith; many have already done this. Well, for those yet to do so, just as with every other type of design that we frequently get the urge to search for, there are hundreds of beautiful religious cross stitch patterns available, both on- and off-line.Arabic religious cross stitch image

Admittedly, the majority of the religious cross stitch patterns available are for the Christian and Catholic faiths.

However, there are a number of established sites that provide religious cross stitch patterns for stitchers from other religious backgrounds.

For example at www.islamiccrossstitch.bravehost.com/ there are a number of patterns based on the art of Arabic calligraphy.

You can even stitch your name in Arabic. While they have others which depict the geometric religious cross stitch patterns that are often associated with the Islam religion.

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lighted magnifying glasses image

A Patterns Patch Review

lighted magnifiers imageCorrective lenses

Some time ago my wife started suffering from headaches. Initially mild, they were getting a little worse and tended to come on in the evenings, usually when she was stitching. We felt that the failing light at the end of the day was the most likely cause since in addition to the headaches she also had sore, itchy eyes. As a result of this I searched for a solution on the Internet and came across these modern lighted magnifying glasses for stitchers. [continue reading…]

thread heaven image

In my last article, I wrote about storing your threads (floss) in such a way that they would remain easy to find, store and identify – to spare the frustrations of losing important shades of thread just as you needed them. Today, I’m going to focus on another challenge relating to threads – that is how to prevent and deal with tangles and knots, which is my idea of thread heaven…

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Bad Cross Stitch: 7 Habits to Avoid

untidy cross stitch

It’s so easy to get into bad habits, isn’t it? Very often, impatience or laziness or time constraints can cause us to cut corners or to be sloppy with our work. Not surprisingly, if bad cross stitch habits are not corrected, they soon become cross stitching “sins”.

Sins that rarely save us any time at all, and the results of which can be oh-so-clearly seen in finished projects. This is a real shame, especially when we have worked hard to produce something of intended beauty. So! Let me tell you what these seven bad habits are and how we can eliminate them. [continue reading…]

cross stitched picture, A Cheetah's Mask

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to create a cross stitched picture from your favorite photo or digital image but didn’t know how, or perhaps believed it was either too difficult or too expensive?

You have!

Well! Wonder no more because now you can – easily, cheaply, and by yourself … online!

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