Cross Stitch Accessories: Absolutely Essential or Unnecessary?

cross stitch accessories

Cross stitch is one of the simplest forms of needlework, but can still be daunting to an inexperienced stitcher. Perhaps you are now becoming familiar with the basic concepts of stitching. Maybe you have even done a couple of projects and are starting to feel comfortable with the basic supplies of threads and fabric. Not all Cross Stitch accessories are viewed the same by stitchers. An example of this is a needle threader. Some might consider this as a nice-to-have tool but not essential. Other stitchers would be lost without this vital aid. It’s very much horses for courses with these items.

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Cross Stitch Hoops: Do You Love or Hate Them?

cross stitch hoops

Using cross stitch hoops (or frames) when you embroider is often considered to be essential. I have a small collection of hoops of different sizes, and every now and again I use them. My largest hoop is too big to place among my general stitching stash, so it sits on a shelf, like a huge halo. I know that stitching experts are divided as to whether or not we should use hoops – so here are the reasons for and against…

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Lighted Magnifying Glasses Are Ideal For Cross Stitchers

lighted magnifying glasses image

A Patterns Patch Review

lighted magnifiers imageCorrective lenses

Some time ago my wife started suffering from headaches. Initially mild, they were getting a little worse and tended to come on in the evenings, usually when she was stitching. We felt that the failing light at the end of the day was the most likely cause since in addition to the headaches she also had sore, itchy eyes. As a result of this I searched for a solution on the Internet and came across these modern lighted magnifying glasses for stitchers.

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