Wedding Cross Stitch Ideas For That Special Occasion


Don’t forget wedding cross stitch in your plans for that special day. Along with choosing the dress, deciding on flowers for the bouquet and writing the guest list, put some time aside for stitching invitations, place setting cards, wedding favours, a ring pillow or even a sampler.

If a friend or family member is tying the knot why not make them a wedding card that will take pride of place in the display? Maybe you can use the colors of the bridesmaids dresses or brides flowers in your wedding cross stitch to keep everything co-ordinated.

Here’s a short interesting video that has no sound but is fascinating none-the-less as the montage of images grows into a fabulous wedding gift:

If you obtain an existing pattern, it isn’t difficult to change a color or two in your chosen pattern to make the finished item that bit more special, and of course unique. However, try not to pick two consecutive color numbers as the difference may be too subtle, miss out one number and use the next for a more noticeable effect.

Keep in mind traditional motifs when choosing cross stitch wedding patterns. Motifs such as a bride and/or groom, hearts, wedding rings, a wedding cake, and bouquets of flowers. Further motifs you can add include the wedding dress, wedding bells, ribbons and lace and perhaps a dove or two. Although, of course, not all marriages are held in a church. For those that are, the building itself could be included in a cross stitch wedding sampler.

Further wedding cross stitch ideas

You could even take the idea of the bride and groom further. And depict them as cute animals such as teddy bears or mice. I was even once asked for chickens dressed as the happy couple!

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wedding cross stitch sampler image
A ‘fun Wedding Cross Stitch Sampler.

The names of the bride and groom, along with the date and perhaps the location can all be included. These will make the counted cross stitch wedding sampler, much more personal. If there isn’t enough room for the complete names why not just include the initials?

You can really go to town with embellishments on your wedding cross stitch.  A few seed beads and a little ribbon or lace can all add to the finished piece. You can also add some metallic thread, perhaps silver or gold.  Finished off with an attractive card, a beautiful mount or frame, you have an heirloom to help you remember your special day.

Has this article given you some ideas, or do you already have an interesting tale to tell? If so, I’d love to hear from you. I answer all emails received, so if you’ve any stories, comments, or questions – please feel free to send them to me ([email protected]).

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’til next time – believe in yourself.


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