cross stitch fraying

7 Ways To Stop Your Cross Stitch Fraying

When it comes to starting a cross stitch, other than gridding, most people just start. But if you’ve found your fabric fraying whilst stitching, you probably mean to do something about it next time; but never do. Stopping fabric fraying, especially aida and evenweave, seems like a daunting task, but we have 7 ways to … Read more

Bunny Stitching As The Days Slowly Pass…

How is everyone doing? Still hanging in there? I sure hope so… I’ve been keeping busy with my stitching, reading, beginning a new (non-cross stitch) project (which I’ll let you in on some day soon!), trying to limit my news intake, and connecting with family members via Zoom and Board Game Arena. Since this whole … Read more

The end of a month like no other…

What day is it again? If you’re like me, the days seem to be simply running into each other–one day seems just like the one before to the point where I really have to stop and think, “Is this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… ???” This seems to be our “new normal” for a while–quite a while, … Read more